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By Alain Gonzalez, Fitness Author and Certified Personal Trainer

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How Big Muscle Magazines and so called fitness gurus are lying to you and setting you up for failure by suggesting programs that do NOTHING to target “metabolic stimulators”.

Inside the program you are going to learn a very specific training method created for those of us who are NOT genetically gifted or on any dangerous drugs. You are going to follow a very simple step by step program created solely for hardgainers who have trouble burning fat and/or building muscle (at the same time).

I bet you had no idea that the typical “cookie cutter” advice you’re getting from so called “experts” are actually destroying your ability to transform your physique.

#1 –MAN Breakfast

Every single morning when we wake up, we have the choice to skyrocket our metabolic rate and shed fat for hours to come, while preserving our muscle mass…unfortunately, taking the wrong approach can not only sabotage your metabolism and make it nearly impossible to shed that unwanted belly fat, but it can send you spiraling down into a catabolic state that could strip you of all your hard earned muscle. 

Here are a few options you have every morning…    

Option 1: Get up extra early, stay hungry, hit the gym for some fasted cardio, and hope that you had a well balanced meal the night before so you don’t pass out.

The problem with this is approach is, although you do have the ability to shed some fat during your time on the boring hamster wheel, doing this every single morning is just not ideal. Especially since preserving muscle during fasted cardio is practically impossible without the proper supplementation, keeping a very specific heart rate, and making sure that your post cardio meal ONLY consists of certain macros if you don’t want to make the run completely pointless.

Option 2: You can have a healthy balanced breakfast and avoid any chance of catabolism and muscle wastage. 

The problem with this approach is, adding certain macronutrients into your breakfast can cause you to slow down your metabolic rate, store fat, or have you dragging your feet the rest of the day. Heck, best case scenario, you suffer from none of the above but do nothing to push you closer toward your fat loss goal.  

Or Option 3: You start the day off with the MAN breakfast

The MAN breakfast is a very specific breakfast strategy developed and used by some of the top fitness coaches and athletes in the world. It is a very specific mixture of foods that are not only delicious and filling, but together they will increase your mental focus for better gym performance, increase anabolic hormones for muscle growth, eliminate any unhealthy food cravings, and jump start your metabolic rate so that you are burning fat throughout the day!

#2 – Metabolic Carb Timing

Contrary to popular belief, carbohydrates are NOT the reason you are getting fat…heck fat isn’t the reason you are getting fat. You owe your stubborn, unwanted belly fat to a little something called “carbohydrate spillage”.

Carbohydrate spillage happens when you’re  not burning the carbs that you are consuming, your muscles will fill up with glycogen. Once this happens, any more carbs you take in will spill over and automatically be stored as fat. This is simply due to consuming the wrong carbs at the wrong times of the day.

Look at your muscles like a gas tank.  The tank stores gas and your muscles store carbs.  As you drive the car, you use up some gas.  So what happens if your needle breaks and you only drove a little, but you put the same amount of gas in the car as you did when you drove a lot?  You would have spillage.  That’s what happens when you only use a few carbs, but then fill back up like you ran a marathon.  In your body, that spillage is stored as fat.   

Let’s take another look at the other end of the spectrum.  Any mechanic will tell you that you’ll damage your car if you run it on empty for too long.  The same thing happens to your body when you run on empty, also known as “low carb” diets.  You do damage to your metabolism.” 

Did you know that consuming carbohydrates at very specific times of the day can actually accelerate your fat burn by triggering metabolic stimulators? 

By using proper metabolic carb timing, you will not only avoid carbohydrate spillage and send your body into metabolic overdrive for continuous fat burn, but you will also have the sufficient amount of carbohydrates available to preserve muscle mass and even build new muscle while in a deficit.

 #3 –MED Cardio

The most effective cardio approach does not directly decrease body fat, it stimulates the body to produce these improvements as an adaptive response.  In many ways, cardio is like getting a sun tan…

Exposure to sunlight is not was directly produces a tan. The radiation in sunlight stimulates a protective mechanism that darkens your skin. The brighter the sun, the more radiation, the faster and darker you tan. The same thing occurs with cardio – The more intense the stress the greater the stimulus. If the sky is cloudy  you can stay out all day and not tan because the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation is too low. But if the sun is out and the sky is clear, you won’t have to lay out for too long before you start to tan.  The same thing happens with cardio. If the level of effort is low you can do a large amount of cardio but not stimulate much in the way of improvements, but if the level of effort is very high very little is required for good results.

Now, if a stress is intense enough to stimulate a great response, there will be a limit to how much the body can handle within some period of time. Up to a point, intense sun exposure will stimulate a tan, beyond that it starts to damage the skin, causing a burn. Up to a point intense cardio will stimulate improvements in metabolic and cardiovascular conditioning, but beyond some point the demands of the session exceed what the body is able to recover from and eventually can become counterproductive.

If you use a tanning bed, when you’ve finished you don’t go back to the bed and do it again a few  minutes later. The body needs time to recover before being exposed to the same stress again or you will  you risk damage. Same thing goes for cardio. After a cardio session your body requires time to recover from the effects of the workout. Although the amount varies between individuals, most people underestimate how much time they need for recovery between sessions.

So what type of cardio “produces a faster tan”? and how much time should I rest inbetween sessions if I want to “avoid sunburn”? 

MED cardio, if done correctly, could be performed with as little as 30 minutes PER WEEK! While longer or more frequent cardio will not produce better results and eventually leads to muscle wastage and overtraining. 

Not only is MED more effective, more time efficient, and much more fun…it has also been shown to preserve muscle mass and even increase muscle in some cases.

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6 Pack Made Simple: Main Guide

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6 Pack Made Simple: Metabolic Meal Design

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Bonus #1: 12 Min MOT DVD Set

This is the ultimate metabolic resistance program shown to rev up your metabolic rate and have you burning calories up to 24 hours after a session. Did I mention these sessions can be done anywhere from the office to the privacy of your own home, with no equipment, in just 12 minutes? These are the same routines I followed when juggling work, children, a wife, and a fitness competition and time was extremely limited!


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Bonus #2: 14 Day Extreme Shred


This is a 2 week guide to achieving your best body. A step by step, day by day walkthrough of everything from drying out to carb depleting, carb loading, and filling up those muscles for a solid, vascular look.  Do you have a cruise, beach day, or any other event you want to look your best at? Follow this guide 14 days prior and present your peak physique, everytime!

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Bonus #3: Unlimited Email Coaching

You will get unlimited access to my personal email address where I can be reached at any time. And in case you’re wondering…

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Of course, you still get my 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you decide at any point within the first 60 days that this program is not working for you. However, I am 100% sure that it WILL work if you apply the techniques and follow the program with the intent to finish.

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Here is to transforming your body

Take care,

Alain Gonzalez

Author, Bony to Brawny

Author, Mass In A Flash

Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC

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